WORKATION, your new way of travelling

The pandemic has changed our lives, but not everything is negative. The expansion of teleworking is here to stay and makes it possible for us to travel in a new way with it’s own name, which is „workation“. Who can resist the excitement of these long trips when although you cannot forget about your obligations, but you do have the opportunity to enjoy the place, the sea, the good weather, the gastronomy, the local culture, or your favourite sport? Can you imagine starting work with a nice walk on the beach, or perhaps with a refreshing swim in the sea? This is workation!

You can work in the apartments, with their excellent Wi-Fi connection and large tables, but the perfect solution could be to have another space for work. For this, our recommendation is the coolest coworking site in Valencia, Vortex Playa, just a few steps from Barracart. Vortex Coworking is much more than a beautiful and professional workspace with excellent services, it is a true community that helps you integrate into local life. An authentic experience of „coliving – coworking“ in the two most sought-after sites in Valencia, on the Beach and in the Centre.

With two centres in Valencia, you will always have the ideal place. The facilities include a dining room/kitchen, terrace, soundproof booth for calls, and bike parking. The Vortex Coworking offer accommodates all types of needs: fixed desks, hotdesks, private offices, meeting rooms or event areas. The rates are monthly, weekly or daily, and you can access during office hours or 24/7. If you cannot find your rate, they will be delighted to provide a personalised proposal.

In specific cases and with prior reservation, we can facilitate our office for meetings. It has a large table for eight people. We offer with pleasure as a courtesy, however, we cannot provide it permanently because it is our office of use. We recommend our „LONG“ rate for long stays, with a minimum reservation of four weeks, which benefits from a significant discount. If there is no availability online for the selected dates, please contact us to discuss the possibilities!