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At Barracart our mission has always been to stand out for our hospitality and comfort, and also for our commitment to sustainable tourism. Hospitality is our duty and our pleasure. Both the restaurant (Casa Montaña) and the apartments (Barracart) are a passion for our family. Meeting new people is a pleasure and our understanding of the finer touches makes your stay special and Valencia a place to visit time and again. Our guests feel well attended to but free, relaxed and happy to enjoy the city, knowing that they will not lack anything.

Our intelligent building allows us to remotely control access, so there is no Front Desk in the property. Check-in is done on-line (auto check-in), which allows for independent, contact-free access to the apartments, via personalised access codes. Nevertheless we are available 24h a day by email, whatsapp or phone, and also in person at various times. Furthermore, our office may be used – upon request – for meetings, a shower after check-out, or to store suitcases. We provide our own app for customized local information, and tourist guides for culture, leisure and gastronomy. For maximum protection, in addition to the housekeeping and safety measures, we disinfect the apartments with UVC germicidal lamps.

Our bicycles are available to rent and provide a safe means of transport to discover the city. Our Travel Assistance Insurance will protect you against any unforeseen incident during your stay.

At Barracart, waste is recycled, and we minimise the use of plastic, with our reusable shopping bags, glass water bottles, no-capsule coffee machines, and fixed dispensers for the hygiene products. Our home automation system also ensures energy saving, whilst permitting maximum comfort. Day by day we use biodegradable and bulk cleaning products, supporting local commerce, and contributing our grain of sand to a more sustainable future.

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For me, managing the Barracart Apartments means much more than a mere professional activity; it is actually part of a lifelong ambition. My name is Olga and I used to dream of running a small business by the sea.

Some people say, be careful with what you wish for, but my dream has come true and it is a wonderful experience.

I am Hungarian but I have lived in Valencia for more than 15 years. I consider myself passionate about this city, especially the Cabanyal – Canyamelar neighborhood where our Barracart Apartments are located.

I love the spirit of this old fishing district that still remembers a time when the neighbours knew each other by name and took their chairs out to the street to chat in the fresh air.

I am fascinated by the Mediterranean, not only for its warm waters where you can swim almost all year round, but also for the lifestyle it inspires. A casual lifestyle where the terraces are the queens of the street and invite you to socialize with a tapa, and a beer or glass of wine.

Residents of Cabanyal – Canyamelar are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms because tourism is one of the reasons why the neighborhood is experiencing its second youth. It’s with good reason that it´s given the nickname of “Notting Hill Valencian” and we´ve been highlighted as one of the top 10 neighborhoods in Europe.

These reasons, together with my personal connection with Valencia, encouraged us to establish Barracart tourist apartments. An experience that delivers so much more than just holiday rental.

I would love to be your ambassador for Barracart, as well as for Cabanyal and “los Poblados Marítimos”. I will do everything possible to make you feel at home and at the same time integrated into the neighborhood. I will therefore keep you informed about the best cultural, gastronomic and leisure proposals in Cabanyal and Valencia.

We have taken great care to furnish and decorate the with local details that will let you better understand what Valencia is like: crafts, canvases, antiques etc. There are also a selection of elements from the daily life from the early 20th century, when the house – that today accommodates the Barracart Apartments – was built. Popular modernism is part of the idiosyncrasy of this neighborhood and our apartments. I warn you that you will be surprised when you realize that you are in a house of modernism, but in a totally modern house!

If you are looking for a city-break or a genuine vacation where the sea, gastronomy and cultural immersion are key, El Cabanyal – Canyamelar is your neighborhood and Barracart is your accommodation in Valencia.

I invite you to enter our website and follow us on SN so that you can familiarize yourself with your apartment and the neighbourhood.

I am convinced that you will fall in love with Valencia, el Cabanyal and the Poblados Marítimos (Maritime Villages) as I have done.

I look forward to seeing you in Valencia!

Olga Juhász
Manager Barracart Apartments