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At Barracart our mission has always been to stand out for our hospitality and comfort, and also for our commitment to sustainable tourism. Hospitality is our duty and our pleasure. Both the restaurant (Casa Montaña) and the apartments (Barracart) are a passion for our family. Meeting new people is a pleasure and our understanding of the finer touches makes your stay special and Valencia a place to visit time and again. Our guests feel well attended to but free, relaxed and happy to enjoy the city, knowing that they will not lack anything.

Our intelligent building allows us to remotely control access, so there is no Front Desk in the property. Check-in is done on-line (auto check-in), which allows for independent, contact-free access to the apartments, via personalised access codes. Nevertheless we are available 24h a day by email, whatsapp or phone, and also in person at various times. Furthermore, our office may be used – upon request – for meetings, a shower after check-out, or to store suitcases. We provide our own app for customized local information, and tourist guides for culture, leisure and gastronomy. For maximum protection, in addition to the housekeeping and safety measures, we disinfect the apartments with UVC germicidal lamps.

Our bicycles are available to rent and provide a safe means of transport to discover the city. Our Travel Assistance Insurance will protect you against any unforeseen incident during your stay.

At Barracart, waste is recycled, and we minimise the use of plastic, with our reusable shopping bags, glass water bottles, no-capsule coffee machines, and fixed dispensers for the hygiene products. Our home automation system also ensures energy saving, whilst permitting maximum comfort. Day by day we use biodegradable and bulk cleaning products, supporting local commerce, and contributing our grain of sand to a more sustainable future.


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The countless available activities show that Valencia is back in Mode On! Valencians love parties and events so much so that the city hosts events of all kinds (What to do..) throughout the year. From the most traditional festivities such as Christmas, Carnival, Fallas, the Maritime Holy Week, Corpus Christi and the festivities of San Vicente Ferrer, San Vicente Martir, San Antonio Abad, and la Mare de Deu, La Cruz de Mayo, the Feria de July or the Valencian Community Day. To large international sporting events such as the Moto GP, the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon, the Boat Show, and urban festivals, such as Cabañal Intim, La Cabina or Valéncia Intramurs. Besides these, there is also the wide range of conferences and trade fairs.

Valencia is the Spanish city with the most musical societies. Therefore the number of cultural centres and rooms where you can enjoy live music come as no surprise. From classical reference points such as the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, the Palau de la Música, or Berklee College, to festivals and intimate live music venues playing rock, jazz, flamenco, electronic or indie music.

Valencia is also nature, boasting around 5 km of picturesque and comfortable urban beaches. Furthermore it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Orchard – recognized by the UN as a world agricultural heritage site, which is unique and highly appreciated for its cultural, gastronomic and landscape value. In addition, it also includes, as the jewel in the crown, the Albufera Natural Park.

The Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily slowed but not stopped the vibrant local life, generating reflection and awareness. With the goal of converting the city into an international reference as a Sustainable Destination, Valencia has incorporated 17 of the most relevant sustainable developments, as defined by the 2030 Climate Emergency Agenda.

In Barracart Apartments we provide a cultural calendar to all our guests, as well as any assistance needed so that our visitors fully enjoy this great city.


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A historic city that links the attraction of a great city with the charm of the Mediterranean. Valencia has one of the mildest climates in Europe, so can be enjoyed at any time of the year. More than 30 museums, varied and healthy gastronomy, a historic center full of legends, avant-garde constructions, trade and effervescent parties, natural spaces, varied sport activities and nightlife await the visitor.


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The Cabanyal Canyamelar in Valencia is one of the most important maritime villages in Europe, with its varied “modernist” architecture and typical buildings that were the Valencian “Barraca”. An old fishermen’s and sailor´s area which still retains the essence of its streets, and that during the days of the “Semana Santa” (Holy Week or Passion Week of Eastern) becomes the center of the attention with its traditional processions, unique in the city.


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The Fallas is the most international festival in Valencia, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO since 2016. In a competition of art and ingenuity the city fills with gigantic plasterboard monuments. More than 700 figures in the streets and squares of the city, that can reach up to 20 meters in height, and that the fire devours in a singular spectacle the night of the “Cremá”. Colorful parades of the “Fallero” commissions, the flower offering to the Virgin crowns the traditions. Street parties, fireworks, horseback parades, bullfights, competitions and other entertaining events complete the program of these festivities.