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A historic city that links up the attraction of a great city with the charm of the Mediterranean. Valencia has one of the mildest climates of Europe, to enjoy it at any time of the year. More than 30 museums, varied and healthy gastronomy, a historic center full of legends, avant-garde constructions, trade and effervescent parties, natural spaces, varied sport activities and nightlife await the visitor.


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One of the most important maritime villages of Europe, with its varied “modernist” architecture and typical buildings that were the Valencian “Barraca”. An old fishermen’s and sailor´s area which still retains the essence of its streets, and that during the days of the “Semana Santa” (Passion Week of Eastern) becomes the center of the attention with its traditional processions, unique in the city.


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It´s the most international festival of Valencia, declared World Heritage Site by the
UNESCO since 2016. In a concourse of art and ingenuity the city fills of gigantic plasterboard monuments, more than 700 figures in the streets and squares of the city, that can reach up to 20 meters in height, and that the fire devours in a singular spectacle the night of the “Cremá”. Colorful parades of the “Fallero” commissions, the flower offering to the Virgin, the street parties, horseback parades, bullfights, competitions and other entertaining events complete the program of these festivities.