Worldlando loves Cabanyal


Worldlando, the international travel YouTuber told us: Guys! The Cabanyal – Canyamelar is on trend!

With his charming Argentinian accent, Worldlando explained that he had already heard about our Cabanyal – Canyamelar neighbourhood, and that he could not wait to visit us as he was going to spend the summer in Valencia.

Of course we therefore organized, together with some other residents of the neighbourhood, a guided tour so that no MUST-SEES of Cabanyal – Canyamelar were missed!

Worldlando confessed that we exceeded his expectations, and this statement coming from an expert traveller has filled us with pride.

Worldlando is a journalist but in recent years he has redirected his career to travel video blogs. With little more than a backpack and yes, a lot of enthusiasm, he travels the world, letting himself be carried away by the compass of his intuition and by the attractions of tourist destinations.

After the tour of the neighbourhood, he declares himself a self-confessed fan of Valencia and Cabanyal – Canyamelar.

This is his testimony:
“Visiting Cabanyal – Canyamelar was a great surprise. I had read and heard before arriving and chatted with my friends from Valencia, but visiting this neighbourhood far exceeded my expectations.
First of all, a story that keeps you in suspense while you listen to it, seeing its houses, its colours, its tiles is a beauty to behold and finally, something that fascinates me a lot in each place I visit is its gastronomy and the comfort.
Taking a few minutes and enjoying a good meal or a good dinner at Casa Montaña is an enchanting experience. Then relaxing in one of the most beautiful places in the neighbourhood such as Barracart made my days at Cabanyal – Canyamelar unique, and I recommend them to all my friends from now on.”

We invite you to watch his video about the Cabanyal – Canyamelar where a review of our Barracart Apartments appears and his particular vision as an expert traveller of what we are and what we offer as a neighbourhood: beaches, Mediterranean lifestyle, popular modernism, culture, gastronomy, nightlife.

We also invite you to view his video of Valencia with a successful selection of 20 emblematic tourist spots of the city. A video whose views continue to shoot up.

Worldlando visits Cabanyal and Barracart Apartments in Valencia.